Side Mount Diver

Side mount Diver Course

While Side-Mount Diving started as a tool for Cave Divers to penetrate into very small caves and tunnels, it has since become a viable and very comfortable way for divers of all levels to enjoy the underwater world. Moving the tanks to the diver’s sides, where they are just clipped to the Waist / Lower Back and held in place under your arms by a bungee makes for a very comfortable Dive. Having the tanks in that profile almost guarantees perfect trim and great buoyancy, whether right side up, on your side or on your back!

With its adaptability, side mount diving has a number of key features to offer a recreational diver:


Increased Safety –
With the tanks at your sides – you have easy access to your tank valves in an emergency. That allows for easy cylinder shut down and switching to another gas supply in an emergency. Tanks could be easily swapped in a low on gas or out of gas emergency.

Less Back Strain
Placing the tank/s on your sides removes a large amount of the weight of diving from your lower back. Side-mount is great for older divers, smaller divers and divers with any back, knee or joint problems.

Easier Movement Above the Water –
Being able to easily don the tanks in the water means that there is no need to carry full tanks on your back. Where Desired – you can also enter the water with the tanks already attached – Both as a Giant Stride or Back Roll. Exiting the water is just as easy – Unclip the tanks and pass them up individually before climbing out yourself.

Increased Air Supply – Extend Your No Decompression Dive Time
With the option to take 2 cylinders – you are able to double the amount of air you have available on the dive. Great for extended bottom times on Enriched Air or for those who need just a little more gas.

Better Streamlining and More Manoeuvrability in the Water –
With the tanks on your sides – you can flex and bend your back and neck without restriction. With the tanks at your sides – your head has a greater range of motion increasing your range of vision and comfort. As the tanks lie under your armpits along your sides – there is much less resistance to swimming. Because the tanks can be released and reattached while swimming, you can change your size and profile as desired, especially if exploring wrecks or other overhead environments.

Increased Independence – Redundant Air Supply
Having two cylinders and two first stages means that you are less dependent upon your buddy in case of an equipment failure emergency. Your first resource is right by your side always. Out of air situations are also less likely from your side or become much less stressful when providing air to a buddy due to them breathing off one cylinder and you off the other.

Course Costs: R4,000

Course Details:


  • All training materials.
  • 2 x lectures (no DVD training) – Very Thorough Training.
  • An Internationally Recognised PADI & Divetek Certification Card.
  • 3x Pool Sessions.
  • A day of diving at miracle waters.
  • Side mount BC and Reg.


  • Transport to and from pool and miracle waters.
  • Equipment Hire  ( R30 per Soft Gear Item).

Course Pre-requisites:

  • Open water certification.
  • Clients must be able to swim.
  • Minimum Age: 16.
  • Maximum Age: No limit provided the client is healthy with no prior medical conditions.
  • Prior Medical Conditions must be discussed with the Instructor allocated to the Course.
  • Special mention should be made of the following Medical Conditions:
    – Asthma
    – Epilepsy
    – Heart Disorders
    – Lung Disorders
    – Severe Claustrophobia
    – Recent Chest Colds
    – Recent Sinus Infections, Treatments and/or Surgeries.

(Please note: Not all of the above mentioned medical conditions are a definite exclusion from an Advanced Scuba Diver Course, and a participant may engage in the course provided a Medical Certificate is provided by his/her Doctor stating that said participant is fit to Dive.)

Time Requirements for the Course:

The Side Mount Diving Course really requires a Time commitment from each of its participants. Our Course is incredibly thorough and every effort is made to make sure it is an enjoyable and manageable course for all students.
The Schedules require huge effort and planning from each allocated Instructor and clients are expected to attend the classes on time and as scheduled.
Should issues arise with regards to the schedule, it is the responsibility of the client to set aside time to arrange a catchup session with their Instructors at their own cost.


Upon completion of the course, the diver will be a Divetek Qualified Side Mount Scuba Diver & a PADI Qualifies Side Mount Diver.


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