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Divetek Pro Course / Internship 

Learn to Dive – Become a Pro…Not a Hero

Divetek Internship – Open Water to Instructor

Learn to Dive – Career Course Open water diver to Instructor…

There is a huge international need for well trained and experienced dive professionals.
Owners and dive operators are prepared to pay good money for the person with the right skills.

Unfortunately the big certification and training agencies do not cater for this demand and a diving instructor certification does not cover even a third of the skills required. In fact it is quite scary how easy it is to become a diving instructor today. As a result there is an oversupply of under-skilled diving instructors that earn very little. There is however a dearth of skilled professionals.

Although working as a divemaster/instructor in a palm fringed dive resort is a great experience, there is no money in it. It is recommended but only for a short time. There is however a good living to be made in being a highly skilled manager and an even better life to be had in owning your own dive operation.

It is not uncommon for fully qualified instructors to join our career courses as they realise that they do not have the skills to make a decent living in diving.

Skills, experience and knowledge are gained over time and are not necessarily the best quality. It is far better to be taught “best practice” right from the start.

The diving professional must be good in the following areas:

•Instruction including advanced topics

•Sales and marketing

•Technical aspects such as compressors, scuba repair and boats Management and business skills


The aim of the Internship Program is to give the diver the tools to succeed in the industry

The ultimate goal is to equip the candidate with skills and knowledge to open and run a successful dive operation. Or to be well paid manager is a successful operation.

The course will provide the knowledge and some of the experience. The rest has to be earned over time, but given the correct start the success rate is impressive. A high number of graduates from our courses in the past are now at the top of the industry.

The career staff at Divetek are not just teaching book knowledge but have years of actual hands on experience in running successful resorts and dive shops.

If you are serious about a career in the Scuba industry then an internship is essential.


Why the Divetek Pro Course?

  1. Divetek have a wealth of actual experience and know what is needed.
  2.  The course does not just provide theory but actual hands on experience.
  3.  We have had huge success with post course job placements.
  4.  The cost in both money and time is low compared to training in other careers.
  5.  The cost of each course taken individually would be much higher.
  6.  You actually spend a large amount of your time in training.
  7.  Many other courses you are simply used as cheep labour and vey little training takes place.
  8.  We run, manage and own one of the Biggest dive Shops in the country and you will be exposed to the ins and outs of Divetek.

Warning: The course is very intense and takes a large degree of dedication and effort.



Course Requirements.


  •  At least 18 years old.
  •  Needs to pass a diving medical.
  • Note you do not need to be a a qualified diver to enrol
  • You must provide:
  • 2 recent clear passport sized photos 2 Copies of your medical


  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Fins
  • B.C.
  • 5mm wetsuit suitable for 14-24 degrees c.
  • Single hose regulator
  • SPG
  • Octo
  • Depth gauge
  • Computer
  • Knife
  • Compass
  • Weight belt

NOTE: If you do not have your own gear, please wait for advice from the staff to ensure you purchase the most suitable equipment we do provide a course discount of up to 30%.


  • The course is to be held at the training centre in Johannesburg.
  • Sea training and experience will be at several coastal resorts with most of the training at Sodwana Bay.
  • Assistance with finding shared accommodation in Jhb with other candidates can be provided or arranged


Training Materials:

  • All Textbooks are included in the cost of the course as well as any Files or instructor Manuals for the further courses.
  • Pens and training materials as well as a skills Logbook is also provided.
  • Students are required to maintain their own study files and to look after their own notes.

Course Content


  • Free diving
  • Spear fishing basics
  • Open Water Revison
  • Advanced diver
  • Advanced rescue
  • Master diver
  • Divemaster
  • Nitrox course
  • Rebreather Course
  • Decompression chambers
  • Instructor training course
  • Advanced Instruction
  • Advanced Pool Skills


  • General Management
  • Human resources skills
  • Marketing and image building
  • Customer relations
  • Financial Management Budgeting
  • VAT
  • Costing and business planning
  • The diving business
  • Basic accounting
  • Costing and decision making
  • Personnel management
  • Motivation and success
  • Time management


  • Scuba first aid and rescue


  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Diving sales techniques
  • Marketing Image & presentation


  • Compressor operation
  • Maintenance Regulator repair
  • Instrument testing and repair
  • Visual inspection course
  • BC repair



  • Deposit of R6500 followed by R13,800 pm for 5 months

Pro course:

  • Deposit of R6500 followed by R4400 pm for 5 months


  • The costs of all the courses
  • Transport to and from the dive resorts
  • Accommodation at the resorts but not in Johannesburg
  • Training manuals, books registration and certification cards
  • Air fills Nitrox fills and Cylinder hire


  • Food and drink
  • Accommodation in Johannesburg
  • Transport in and around JHB and to the pool and inland dive sites
  • The candidates do however share cars and petrol costs for this.


A non refundable deposit of R 6,200 is required to secure your place on the course.


Time Requirements:

The Pro course / internship starts on January 13th and ends on May 4th.
The Interns then get one week holiday and work for 11 May till the end of the year.

The Course is usually 1 year long, however, you are not locked into a 12 month obligation. If you feel you are not getting good value for money from the course you can simply leave at any time and you will not be liable for any further payment.

FULL TIME INTERNSHIP: Candidates are obligated to work for Divetek Monday – Friday 9am -5pm and on Saturdays 10am – 1 pm. In return Divetek will train the candidates to become diving professionals and cover all training costs. Divetek is fairly relaxed about holidays and time off as long as it does not disrupt schedules too much.



Candidates have the option to stay at the Divetek house for an additional R4000 pm. This includes the accommodation in the 6 bed house with access to pool and jacuzzi, a maid, and wifi. ( Provided that there is space available)



In the event the course does not reach your expectations you may leave the course at any time.

In addition if we are not happy with your abilities, attitude and progress we may ask you to leave the course. Of course you are not liable for the payment of rest of the program you do not attend.

Exams must be passed in order to continue and you two chances to succeed before being asked to leave.

This program is NOT a party filled “gap year” and requires serious dedication and effort.

We can not have candidates that fall behind or disrupting the other candidates.

Previous candidates have (with out exception) claimed that the course was the highlight of their diving careers and that they made life long friends.


The candidate will complete the course having completed the highest level of instructor training.

The certification is Divetek and at the end of the course you will be a Divetek Instructor.

We can also certified you up to Divemaster in SSI or NAUI.

But the registration fees and course material are not included in the internship.


However, in order to work in other facilities as an instructor it will be required to complete a cross over or training course with the agency that the facility belongs such as FAUI, NAUI, CMAS, ISDA, SSI, YMCA, PADI, TDI, IANDT etc. After the internship this will be a “walk in the park!”

We recommend that you do not crossover to other agencies until you have a good job opportunity.


Please keep in mind that there is a very strict application process and this does not guarantee entrance to the Career Course. Our spaces are limited and we are looking for the highest calibre of candidate.

This course is presented by David Cohen, who has been in the Industry for over 30 Years.

Please contact us for further information on the Career Course.

Call David on  011 791 1095 or email: