Instructor course


Become a Diving Professional with a Diving Internship with Divetek. Become a Scuba Diving Instructor and learn the ropes from an industry leading organisation

The Divetek Instructor course is incredibly extensive and each Candidate will need to complete an Entrance Examination in order to asses their skills and knowledge. Based on these results we will tailor a course to ensure the best possible schedule to suit each each individual candidate.

Our standards are incredibly high both for our own clients working their way up the Ranks and for clients wishing to do a crossover. Special attention is placed on learning how to lecture and explain a concept in building blocks with candidates having to pass a minimum of 10 Practical Lectures with a minimum score of 3/5 on each lecture presented.

With this in mind,

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very serious and High Level course. Every effort and dedication from both client and his/her instructor is required for success. Due to the vast amount of knowledge that needs to be obtained for the course, it is incredibly difficult to have a set schedule as it will need to cater for each client individually.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will  be worthy of the Instructor Certification.


The Divetek Instructor Course is directed mainly at candidates looking to work as an Instructor within South Africa as we are primarily a South african Based training association. You cannot work overseas at either a PADI, NAUI OR SSI Centre without a Crossover. This is EXACTLY the same as becoming a PADI Instructor and applying for a job at a NAUI Institution. They will require you to crossover to their chosen Training Association.

The Divetek qualification is Internationally recognised and your knowledge is GUARANTEED to far surpass that of any other Instructor course offered in the Country. This is an incredibly difficult Course and is for serious Candidates ONLY.



  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Environment
  • Decompression
  • Theory
  • Tables
  • Rescue
  • Theory – General Knowledge
  • Oral Presentations

This Instructor Course is an intensive course. It combines the latest American training techniques with systems and methods developed for South African conditions. The course is aimed at the diver who would like to become a professional in the industry, and time is spent on the business aspects of diving as well as the educational aspects. Most of the candidates on our courses work full time in the industry. Our standards are very high.


  • Swims 25m underwater (no push off).
  • 400m swim in less than 10 minutes.
  • 50m swim towing a patient while performing efficient inwater mouthtomouth resuscitation.
  • 800m swim within 18 minutes (arm strokes are permitted).
  • Snorkel bailout swim to the bottom (at least 3m) remove mask, snorkel and fins. Surface. dive down, replace gear, surface having completely cleared mask and snorkel in a CALM and competent manner.


You need to be fully confident and at ease in the water. These will be assessed before the Qualification is issued.

The cost of the course is:R8,200


  • ALL training as described above (Except the sub-courses as mentioned above)
  • All Training material and Certification
  • All Dives and Pool Sessions
  • Registration as an Instructor


  • Transport
  • Accommodation at the Coast


Our Schedules are drawn up according to interest and to fit in with everyones’ busy Lifestyles.

This course is presented by David Cohen, who has been in the Industry for over 30 Years.

Please contact us for further information on the Instructor course and the time required to complete this course.

Call Abby on  011 791 1095 or email: