Spearfishing Course

Maximise your Free-Diving Experience – Spearfishing Course

Join the ranks of the Great Spearfishing Legends and expand on your Free-Diving Abilities.
Maximise your Free-Diving Experience – The Spearfishing Course expands on every level of your Free-Diving Capabilities.
This course is a great course and follows on from the Introduction to Free-Diving course. It is a fun course that is designed to guide and upgrade the free-diver AND it forms the basis of the Advanced Free-Diving Course.
Divetek qualifications are issued upon the successful completion of this course.

The Spearfishing Course is a Fantastic course and is the first of its kind in Southern Africa!

The Basic Topics covered are:

  • Dive Planning
  • The equipment
  • The types of guns
  • Gun repair and maintenance
  • Spearfishing techniques
  • The various habitats
  • The fish and how to hunt
  • Cleaning and preparation
  • Breath up techniques
  • Free diving revision
  • Safety

Course Costs: R4,800

(Cost includes weekend at Sodwana Bay, 3 nights accommodation, 3 ocean dives)

Course Details:


  • All training materials
  • 1 lectures (no DVD training) – Very Thourough Training
  • An Internationally Recognised Divetek Certification Card
  • 1 Pool Session
  • 3 dives at Sodwana Bay (1 Shore Dive and 2 Boat Dives)
  • 3 Nights at Accommodation at Sodwana Bay (standard cabin with pvt bathroom)


  • Transport costs to Sodwana Bay
  • Each student will need to purchase their own Speargun and Knife.
  • Meals
  • Parks Bard Entrances at Sodwana Bay

Course Pre-requisites:

  • Clients must be able to swim
  • Participants must be able to Free Dive to 12m or have completed the Divetek Introduction to Free-Diving Course
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Maximum Age: No limit provided the client is healthy with no prior medical conditions.
  • Prior Medical Conditions must be discussed with the Instructor allocated to the Course.
  • Special mention should be made of the following Medical Conditions:
    – Asthma
    – Epilepsy
    – Heart Disorders
    – Lung Disorders
    – Severe Claustrophobia
    – Recent Chest Colds
    – Recent Sinus Infections, Treatments and/or Surgeries

(Please note: Not all of the above mentioned medical conditions are a definite exclusion from a Spearfishing Course, and a participant may engage in the course provided a Medical Certificate is provided by his/her Doctor stating that said participant is fit to Dive.)

Time Requirements for the Course:

The Spearfishing Course really requires a Time commitment from each of its participants. Our Course is incredibly thorough and every effort is made to make sure it is an enjoyable and manageable course for all students.
The Schedules require huge effort and planning from each allocated Instructor and clients are expected to attend the classes on time and as scheduled.
Should issues arise with regards to the schedule, it is the responsibility of the client to set aside time to arrange a catchup session with their Instructors at their own cost.

  • 1 Saturday is required 2 Lectures a and Pool Session.
  • 3 days for the Sodwana Bay Trip over a Weekend are required for Qualification and the Qualifying Spearfishing Dives.


Upon completion of the Spearfishing Course, the diver will be a Divetek Qualified Spearfishing Diver. This means the diver will be able to free-dive all over the world and spearfish in areas where it is permitted.

Spearfishing Divers will be issued with the Following:

  • Divetek Qualification (Internationally Recognised)

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